Why Choose Us?

The NJSAB utilizes an efficient mechanized approach to assigning and pays close attention to details and to the need for extensive follow-up. This approach has proven extremely popular with our clients attesting to the fact that we offer as good an assigning product as there is available today.

The NJSAB recognizes that no two leagues are exactly alike; however, all leagues are looking for consistency and organization when it comes to the assignment of officials.  We provide you with this consistency and organization using a systematic approach to accommodate all of your officiating needs implemented through an online system called the Arbiter.

The Assigning Process

Contracting with the NJSAB will establish a focal point for all of your assignment needs.  No longer will you need to contact individual officials, wonder if they are reliable or possess the skills they purport to have.  The proficient staff of the NJSAB will take care of all of this.  Upon receipt of your schedule, your league’s participating members become active contacts in the Arbiter.  You can expect to receive consistent, personalized attention from us. Your initial schedule and all of your active game locations are entered into the database complete with field directions and league contact telephone numbers.  The schedule is then populated with the best available officials.  Through a private, password protected login, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of your game officials are always just one click away.

Our personalized assigning service does not end upon completion of your initial schedule. The NJSAB offers email and telephone accessibility for all of your rescheduling needs.

Paying Your Officials

NJSAB provides a wide range of functionality with regard to the payment of officials. We can provide officials’ names and contact information to generate daily payments or a summary of officials to generate weekly or bi-weekly payments. Should you choose, we’ll even take over all aspects of the payment process including check writing and mailing. Ask about this service; it has become extremely popular with leagues and tournaments.

Arbiter Walkthroughs

Complete walkthroughs detailing the capabilities of the Arbiter and proper usage of the database are available immediately by request of your league’s administration. Contact us today – it will be the best move your league has ever made.

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