What The Clients Are Saying…

“I have found Steve and Alex to be excellent assigners of officials.  They have been extremely professional and diligent with their assignments and have always been helpful whenever approached, even in an emergency.  We at Livingston High School recommend them highly.”   - Patrick J. Genova, Livingston HS

“Steve and Alex provide tremendous service.  Their ability to assign quality officials in such an expedient and professional manner has had a positive impact on my Athletic Department.”  - Rob Haraka, Morris Hills HS

“The effort you both put into assigning umpires for us is greatly appreciated.”  - Mike Falduto, Somerset Hills Youth Baseball

 “Thank you so much.  My team and I have the utmost respect for NJSAB.  Your umpires are second to none.  Thank you.”  - Fernando Breijo, Bloomfield Hornets

“I’ve worked with both Steve and Alex for  many years. They have run major tournaments for me with great success. It takes a ton of pressure off me as a director. I just make one call and they take care of the rest.” - Tony Cerbo, Cerbo Sports

“You guys are awesome.  I can’t believe how fast you get things done.  Great job.” - Scott Rosenberg, Kinnelon HS

 “At Gill St. Bernards, we have used Alex and Steve to assign all levels of baseball and softball for us for many years, and they have been terrific in every way. They’ve given us quality, carded umpires for every game at every level and their communication is always pleasant and expedient. They work primarily via email and every email that I’ve sent has been answered quickly and effectively. Their umpires call a day in advance to confirm and I haven’t had a no-show (or even a miscommunication) in the years we’ve been working with them. They handle last-minute cancellations flawlessly and even when we’ve rescheduled for the following day, they’ve always provided us with two good umpires.”  - Dave Pasquale, Gill St. Bernards

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