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Alex Skandalis and Steve Leonardo, two New Jersey natives with extensive officiating and assigning backgrounds, founded the NJSAB in 2007.  Alex, while still a student at Boston College, became the youngest college baseball umpire in the country at age 20 and subsequently graduated with honors from the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring in Orlando, Florida.  Steve regularly umpires at the highest levels of college baseball in addition to being an experienced soccer and basketball official.  

Many years of officiating and assigning enabled Alex and Steve to identify the deficiencies in the traditional assignment process. They founded the NJSAB to provide answers to these deficiencies using state of the art technology and dedicated customer service to meet the needs of the youth sports community.


The Beginning and Beyond

Alex began assigning for Bridgewater Baseball in 2002 and added surrounding towns shortly thereafter.  Steve also had prior assigning experience in Essex and Morris counties before he and Alex merged to form NJSAB in 2007.  In the first year, NJSAB was responsible for a modest 4,000 assignments.  Business quickly grew. By 2013 assignments rose to 30,000. In 2014, assignments are expected to surpass 32,000. Schools under the NJSAB umbrella number just under 100 and recreational programs total well over 20.  We are truly gratified with this growth as it is confirmation of the superior assigning product that we are providing.

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