CBUAO Umpire, Joe Caraco (Plate), NJSAB Co-Founder/CBUAO Umpire, Alex Skandalis (1B), and NJSAB Instructor/CBUAO Umpire, Mike Sadowski (3B), working on a Saturday at Chatham in the Cape Cod Baseball League. Special thanks to NJSAB Instructor, Dan Miller, for shooting and editing this game.

Chronological Archive:

00:00-00:26, Proper Three Man Plate Meeting
00:27-01:19, Plate Work
01:20-01:36. Getting to the Other Side of the Diamond in 3 Man Mechanics from the “C” Position
01:37-02:43, Plate Work
02:44-03:01, Base Umpires Sharing a Lighter Moment Between Innings
03:02-03:16, Plate Work
03:17-03:32, Pickoff Play at First Base
03:33-03:50, Broken Play at First Base
03:51-04:05, No Runner / No Outs, Base Hit, First Base Umpire Moves into the Coach’s Box
04:06-05:05, First Base Umpire, No One On
05:06-06:38, Plate Work
06:39-06:57, 3B Umpire in the Middle on a Routine Base Hit
06:58-07:36, 1st/2nd Less than 2 Outs, Caught Fly Ball in the OF, Full Rotation by the Crew
07:37-08:24, First Base Umpire Holding R1, Anticipating a Back Pick from the Catcher Each Pitch
08:25-08:37, Base Umpires Sharing a Lighter Moment During a Pitching Change
08:38-09:14, Plate Work
09:15-09:29, No Runner / No Outs, Base Hit, First Base Umpire Moves into the Coach’s Box
09:30-09:51, Broken Play, Front End of the Double Play
09:52-10:13, Steal of Second Base
10:14-11:58, Plate Work (Various Angles)
11:59-12:17, First Base Umpire, Potential Broken Play at First Base, Making the Call to the Bullpen
12:18-12:30, Plate Work, Routine Hit Batter
12:31-12:49, First Base Umpire
12:50-13:57, Plate Work
13:58-16:02, Plate Work, Sequence of Close Pitches with a 3-2 Punch Out and Subsequent Conversation
16:03-16:35, Plate Umpire Taking a Substitution Between Innings
16:36-17:20, Plays at First Base
17:21-17:43, Umpires Exiting the Field

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